Thursday, 21 June 2012

and so - no more poetry

being that there's now some 500 posts on here with that description attached. and while i'm all for dispersing the words of poets i think that's ample for a starter!

it's most likely not the last time a poem will be seen here but certainly they won't be appearing withanything like the same frequency - other blogs, other pressures and not enough time! if i was to do it again i would post more of the translations accompanied by the original languageversions (where possible). other than that i wouldn't change a whole lot. there's wee geographical areas i've missed but not many and a bit of googling should take anyone browsing to those places i haven't been.

i wanted to finish off with more stats but unfortunately i've just never got around to it. at the last count the most popular poets on here were (in order)

martgaret atwood (by a country mile!)
bertolt brecht
elma mitchell
claribel alegria
carol ann duffy
flavien ranaivo

so hope you enjoyed all that. 501!


Marion McCready said...

:( sob sob

Roxana said...

you mean that you will be posting less frequently here or that you will concentrate on posting other things? what does it mean, "popular" poets, how did you make the stats?

i have been delighted and more than thankful to read all the good, challenging and often so-hard- to get-otherwise poetry you've shared with us here, i wouldn't want it to stop, if it were after me :-)

Titus said...

Enormously! Thanks.

swiss said...

i wouldn't like to say that i'll post no more poetry - coincidentally i came across a couple of things i'd like to post just last night! - but there may be more other stuff, photography and the like.

the popular poets were the stats that blogger does to show which posts were most viewed.