Tuesday, 7 February 2012

krautrock and other radio whatnots

one of things about locking oneself away in a more of paint is the opportunity to listen to a whole mess of radio. radio 4 is, obviously, a bit of a staple but after a while there is only so much of it a body can take even interspersed with radio 3 so this last week i've found myself getting more into the world of 6music. a handy thing then that they just so happen to be running a bit of a kraftwerk retrospective which can never be a bad thing.

i've been particularly taken with jarvis's cocker's show whether it was him interviewing leonard cohen or as part of the kraftwerk thing - there should've been more neu and faust tho, or more afrika bambatta, in fact just more of everything.

more interviews came while i was back at radio 4 this time with art spiegelman which, despite james naughty is worth a listen. there was also a thing on 6music about swedish music that, albeit a bit perfunctory, did contain references to that most swedish of fears - badgers. don't ask me to explain this. when we first heard about it we thought we'd got the translation wrong but no, it's not boar they're afraid of in the forest, but the badger. so much so that swedish children are advised not to go out in the forest without a stick in their boots as when the fearsome badger attacks it will not let go until it hears the bone (or stick) break. we mentioned it again while on the phone and were firmly reassured that such attacks did happen and that the person we were phoning (whose name must remain anonymous) had himself been chased by a badger weighing 'at least' a hundred kilos.

searching for some veracity in these tales lead nowhere except to this. swedes should look away now.

t found this so funny that i can't not post this or this. the evilness of ducks naturally led to pingu in the thing. none of which should be taken as in any condoning the exploitation of animals and should there be any doubt then there's always napalm death to remind us of the wrongness.

we haven't been wasting our time in the internet whatsoever...!


Dominic Rivron said...

Yet to check out 6music and I've only briefly tried radio4extra. I suspect the latter is just a carrot to get fogies going DAB.

What I did listen to a lot when I had LW in the car was RTE1 on 252. Then there's Deutsche Welle - haven't listened to that for a while.

swiss said...

they do love that digital. but 6music is worth keeping an eye on for the odd wee interesting thing to have blabbering away while you're working.

deutsche welle? that's that place i'm supposed to be learning some german from!

Rachel Fox said...

I was in on Sunday so listened to a lot of the Kraftwerk and related matters. I do like the Jarvis show (and never liked Pulp) - I usually catch at least some of it. He makes me laugh quite regularly. But Cerys M is my favourite (though Huey M's show grows on me too... a lot of soul in that one... and just his voice!). Sunday is definitely their best day for me. Sometimes keeps me going all week... listening again, as it were. I can still only do very minimal R4.

swiss said...

if i'm working on something i need focus then i need lots of noise but if it's time consuming and finicky the radio is great. r4 i pick and choose but i like the range of 6music. huey morgan is funny and jarvis cocker i'm with you in my non-fussiness for pulp.

kate said...

the narwhals tune is bloody fantastic, almost chocked on my muesli!! brilliant, good work finding that :) i heard that interview with first aid kit, really hope they do write a badger song.

swiss said...

you should check out jazzwhals in which case, for the deep sea jazz club remix...

Roxana said...

so what did Cohen say, did you like the interview? :-)

badger! i had to look that up, the video wasn't enlightening but then my knowledge of animal kingdom is particularly limited!

swiss said...

i have to say i found jarvis cocker subdued, perhaps even over awed by cohen. cohen was funny, very self effacing but equally stayed very much on the subjects he was comfortable with.

badgers! there's too many languages going on! and it's just all too swedish.... (gravling, with an umlaut over the a)

kate said...

i have now been banded from singing the narwhal song!

swiss said...

i was setting up yesterday and caught myself singing king of the beavers from the owl song much, i fear, to the amusement of the green wood workers.

failing the narwhals, you can always go boo! armadillo....

or, there was a giraffe in my loft

or, patrick moore plays the xylophone

etc etc etc etc etc

(don't go to the weebl site...!!!)