Thursday, 19 May 2011

flavien ranaivo

Song of a Common Lover

Don’t love me, my sweet,
like your shadow
for shadows fade at evening
and I want to keep you
right up to cockcrow;
nor like pepper
which makes the belly grow hot
for then I couldn’t take you
when I’m hungry;
nor like a pillow
for we’d be together in the hours of sleep
but scarcely meet the day;
nor like rice
for once swallowed you think no more of it;
nor like soft speeches
for they quickly vanish;
nor like honey
sweet indeed but too common.
Love me like a beautiful dream
your life in the night,
my hope in the day;
like a piece of money,
ever with me on earth,
and for te great journey
a faithful comrade;
like a calabash,
intact, for drawing water;
in pieces, bridges for my guitar.


Marion McCready said...

love this one

swiss said...

yes, i'm happy with these last few