Saturday, 8 January 2011

the saturday cake report

less than a week until race day and up until this morning the latest reports were that the course was free of ice and snow but still hard and frozen. that was the good news. not so good was all the new snow fall today. just when it looked like it might thaw!

on the upside (assuming rohloff wheel build complete and repaired shock arrives from fox) the snow made t stay in and experiment with foodstuffs to keep me going thru the long night. it's not that i'm against energy gels per se but i'm no fan of what they do to a person's insides when you've consumed them in multiples. so instead t had samples of rice krispie, sugar and treacle infused chocolate laden delights. which will no doubt work a treat if she manages to hide them from me!


kate said...

and me ;)

i really want it to snow, just enough to be grippy but still ride-able and no ice please.

swiss said...

after the ice puffer a couple of years ago i can do the ice. but i really, really hate cycling in snow. a couple of centimetres is pretty but any more - no thanks!

Roxana said...

mmm - maybe one day i will get the chance to taste those delights too :-)

swiss said...

maybe by that time i'll have got my ice cream maker!