Thursday, 2 December 2010

pj harvey

it should be no surprise to anyone that pj harvey floats near the top of my most listened to female artists. i did nearly meet her once and maybe i should've done but i kind of subscribe that you should never meet the people you build your imaginary soundscapes around.

anyway, i was delighted to hear another track from her forthcoming album today

i am marooned. i hate the snow. i am fabulously restless!


Niamh B said...

I know the feeling!
Mad weather here (for us) too, and PJ is brilliant.

swiss said...

am off this week and was supposed to be away which is making things no better. cars are stuck in the road and there's no buses or trains so i can't even do that. plus eberything is shut so no gallery/library etc. madness!

am currently annoying the neighbours with to bring you my love

Marion McCready said...

PJ who?

swiss said...

marion, you can't say that even as a joke! she's like spme sort of electrical touchstone for me. i can't say what her lyrics are like, tho i believe people like them, but the noises, the emotions, it's like she gets into my nerves. i find it all immensely productive to listen to.

if i had a fantasy list of people i'd like to collaborate with she'd be right on it, without a shadow of a doubt!

Marion McCready said...

I wasn't joking...

swiss said...

i know you weren't.

but you also have the whole of pj harvey to listen to. not the easiest listen but worth it.

get to spotify now!

it is funny tho what people have 'missed' i have a friend who doesn't watch films - no tv, doesn't go to the cinema - and is highly amused by my protestations of you haven't seen that!!? but hpow do you live!!!

not that we're much better. my work colleagues live by their tv and still occasionally express some puzzlement that week doesn't include x factor/pop idol/strictly and the like.

pj harvey is worth it tho.

kate said...

pj harvey and nick cave got me though my a-levels! they will always be with me.

surely you should be out there dragging/pushing your bike around ;)

swiss said...

dragging/pushing my bike around? that'll be today's update you're after!