Friday, 7 May 2010

and more election....

tories get their mp back in scotland!

tories up about eighteen on labour.

bbc analzingthe results in 'molecular detail'. no, no you're not. what they're doing is talkign about numbers and more numbers. a whole night now and in none of the coverage have i heard anything about policy or the effects on policy. it's depressingly about personality, all they're lacking is some sort of simon cowell figure, or maybe that's just paxman.

and a lovely line on the bbc about the voting irregularities and peoples' inability to vote. like the 'third world' they keep telling us which sounds just that little bit patronising coming as it does from a bunch of middle class, middle aged white men.

if i was still drinking i'd be having a drinking game. identify the person's party by appearance. the chance for drunken-ness with the labour and the tories. but ukip, the bnp and the greens must come from some sort of clone factory. except the bnp haven;t been involved in a street fight since this morning. as far as i know.

time for bed...

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