Friday, 17 April 2009

clement freud

i was saddened to hear of the death of clement freud the other day not least because it struck me that i've been listening to just a minute for as long as i can remember (this link'll take you to the arena documentary), mainly because it's been broadcast as long as i can remember(this'll take you to a proper old school line up!). while it can't have been all that unexpected, and it certainly wasn't by him not least because he was eighty four, and i think most of us would like to keel over at home rather than end up in the care of the likes of me it still must've been a shock to his family. i'm sure he had his moments but my impression of him is as a thoroughly convivial fellow and that will do for me.

thoughts of my own ageing process came to the fore today as, t having thoroughly neglected my head and sporting what can only be described as a scruffy bouffant, i dragged my shabby liberace looking ass down to the hairdresser. not a barber, mind, a hairdresser. no matter it may look like a barber shop a man who cuts hair in a kilt will always be a hairdresser no matter how much he claims otherwise.

the moment of truth when he had shaved my head back into its accustomed no. 3, trimmed and at its fighting weight, when he said ' do you want me to do your eyebrows as well?'

'my eyebrows?' i said. well, why not. and while i can't be said to even sport a decent pair of spocks, genetics dictates that one day the sleek full owls besported by my dad will be mine. not that i'd ever really considered it until leaving the shop, underwhelmed by the experience, i was suddenly aware of how unhirsute my periorbits were feeling. doubtless no one else will notice. i looked in the mirror and they looked tidy enough if a bit disturbingly blonde. tidy but weird.

what comes next i wonder. i wait with curiosity.


Anonymous said...

lololol when i look at mr. x, i see not what 'is' but what 'will be'. of all his brothers, he is the one who takes after his dad. even though, in the way that brothers do, they all look like his dad, and each other but also manage to be completely different. what? was i saying? oh yeah. the spock ears thing. that was what made me think of mr. x and how he will one day grow a cute little set of spock ears. though i imagine he will have them waxed regularly until he's dead. and even then he'll have instructions 'make sure my eyebrows are trimmed and my ears are waxed and nostrils trimmed as well and also make sure my hair doesn't look gay' lol

Anonymous said...

also i liked that clement freud had some kind of instruction to have his epitaph say 'best before april 2009' :-D

Sorlil said...

definitely an easy coast thing - the kilt and the eyebrows - I can imagine what would happen if such a thing were proposed to a west coast man! Next you'll be borrowing t's eyebrow pencil, lol :)

Rachel Fox said...

Time for you to start getting the catalogues with all those implements for removing nasal hair etc.?

Anonymous said...

Shabby Liberace lookin ass!!! I can't get over it LOL :-P