Tuesday, 2 December 2008

i am the walrus

the country in the grip of ice sees me gingerly out and about for a twenty-ish training ride yesterday. caution sees my average at a withered 16.8 but, as my top speed was apparently 43.8mph, perhaps i wasn't all that cautious, or maybe just stupid. anyway, the lurgy seems to be losing its grip as my legs felt merely stiff rather than non-functional. which is good.

except. i went out for an off road training ride on saturday as i thought maybe, just maybe i could stand a cross race on the sunday. but no. courtesy of my 'coaching' i've changed the bar/brake/shifter arrangement, been too lazy to alter my grips and have ended up with ulnar nerve palsy in my left hand. very, very sore. i could manage the road bike as above but couldn't feel my pinkie and had no grip. not nice

but tonight, after three days of anti-inflammatories, large dose of painkillers, icing and what will be major strapping, i'll be out for the first night ride in over a month. naturally the boys will be looking to exploit any weakness. of course i should be taking it easy. but that's not my plan. oh no. they are weak in the cold and frightened of the ice. i will destroy them!

truly we are such bairns.....


Sorlil said...

so...did you destroy them? lol

swiss said...

only a technical destroying i'm afraid. they weren't happy in the snow and ice so refused any racing!
it was fabulous tho. no light pollution where we were and spectacularly clear skies