Friday, 30 May 2008

waiting for the race

packing the day before the race seems, these days, almost anti-climactic. evrything is in its box, everything in its place, pre sorted and pre checked to avoid any last minute panic. which of course leaves a void between packing the van and watching the clock until leaving time.

read a book. do some stretches. don't think about all the training i haven't done. tomorrow's going to hurt. a lot. but at least the forecast isn't too bad. dry, overcast, not too hot. if the sun comes out, i'm done.

consider going down the bike shop but the bike shop guys are busy doing everyone else's bikes and, having been there yesterday, know fine well i'm ready and don't need anything else. they have six guys going in the pairs, all faster in me. all younger than me as well. i've grown to love these race doubts - am i strong enough, am i quick enough? they clog your limbs up like glue. mostly now, i can ignore them. mostly. except when the hills are too steep and my legs are too sore and everyone and their cat seems to be going past me (but they're not solo!). i learn more about myself in these races than at any other time. the race becomes irrelevant and it's only the questions that matter. keep the pedals turning. breathe

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