Friday, 14 September 2007

the price of pasta

i find myself getting unaccountably grumpy on account of recent reports re the rising cost of pasta. meat and fish will doubtless be doing the same, esp in light of foot and mouth appearing here again in the case of the former, and because there aren't any left in the caseof the latter. i don't much care in either case as meat eaters should think more and consume less, if any. not that these are the disenchanted words of a vegetarian, tho respect and welfare for animals is high on my agenda, more a railing against gluttony.
but the pasta. it appears that there's insufficient durum wheat on the grounds the ground has been turned over for the production of biofuel. now if those biofuels were there for those plastics etc that we all so really love and need then fair enough but i strongly suspect that they'll be used to power the cars of those rich enough to afford it and act as a sop to their 'environmental' consciences. naturally it'll be those in the lower income range (traditionally - the poor) who will suffer most as a result
it's a long, long time since i cared much about politics but actions like this, which take the food out of the mouths of 'the people' (where ever they are, not just italy) to carry on an unsustainable lifestyle are just plain wrong

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Natalie said...

Hi Swiss! Just wanted to stop in and say I'm happy you've created a blog -- I've been sort of out of it, but I look forward to reading future work!!